We support and manage our talents in every possible way, constant 360 degree assistance for every possible problem. Our goal is to make their lives easier so they can focus on growing their beloved community without worrying. We also manage every relationship with brands in an effective and professional manner.


We promote the personal brand of our talents through customized campaigns aimed at growing their community, while at the same time increasing their social media presence.
These promotions are chosen exclusively according to their ideas and personal style, to ensure the best possible result and at the same time retain their audience.


We follow our talents from a technical point of view and meet all requirements. Our staff is able to solve any problem both hardware and software related to the world of streaming, audio and video. We also recommend the best configurations depending on the lens and make them available to talent through our partners.


We assist our talent on all legal and business matters through professional firms that have specific expertise in the world of social media and content creators. We go through all the processes with the talent and provide training to make sure their taxation is handled in the right way


ANCDROID is our proprietary talent management platform. Through a modern and functional dashboard, our talents are always informed in real time of all ongoing activities. Marketing campaigns, invoices, payments, merchandise, contracts: it’s all under control and automated with email notifications


For interested talents we handle the booking in-house. We take care of the negotiations and all logistical management, providing our staff onsite presence, security, and all travel to and from the venue