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why should you choose our network?

Interested in expanding your Brand into the Italian digital market? We are constantly looking for Partners that share our goals and vision and want to work with our Network and Creators. We offer our in-depth knowledge of the target market, our carefully selected list of Talents and our deep knowledge of digital marketing

Brand ambassador

Working on your Identity for the Italian market?
aNc can promote your Brand through our Network and our successful Creators. Thanks to our expertise, your brand awareness strategy will generate even more opportunities to sell your service or product, while also building customer loyalty in this rapidly growing market filled with new opportunities

Marketing activation

This is the focal point of our marketing campaign.
aNc Network will take care of the realization for your influencer marketing campaign in the italian market. Our job, developed and created around your brand, combined with the wide influece of our talents, will allow us to maximize your ROI


aNc Network takes care of the design, activation and creation of events & projects in order retain and engage the customer base, creating a strong connection with the brand partner:

  • Meet & Greet
  • Online Events
  • Live Events